Lady Legends Finish Soccer Season

Getting inside the huddle with the Lady Legends

Getting inside the huddle with the Lady Legends.

Goal. Injury. Win. The Lady Legends soccer team had an interesting season this year,  riddled with ups and downs. Mr. Billera, coach of the Lady Legends soccer team believes that no matter how a season goes, it’s all about the constant effort from the players.

This season the team has had more injuries than the past four years, which has had an unfortunate role in the losses of the team. Kaylyn Sanchez, Chrysa Karalois, Lina Karalois, Constantina Dres, and Lilah Senger, were prime suspects of injuries. Knee, arm, and shoulder injuries were the main reasons for the end of student’s season.


Coach Billera with a few  of the Lady Legends.

Coach Billera with a few of the Lady Legends.

“Although I love the soccer team with all my heart and wouldn’t replace my sports experience with this team, it has gotten a little rough at times, but hey, that’s sports” Kaylyn Sanchez, star forward, mid-fielder, and part time goalie stated. Kaylyn is a senior at Sinatra that has played on the lady legends soccer team all four years.

“It truly sucked I had to be taken out for the season, my senior year? Come on shoulder! Why?,”  Constantina Dres stated. She also had thoughts on the topic of injuries, being that she also experienced  a shoulder injury, which essentially took her out of the season.

Although the team experienced many injuries it did not stop the Lady Legends to try its hardest.

The season ended with a 2-2-8. Although the Lady Legends experienced unfortunate losses, they never give up.

“You just got to tell the girls that no matter what you have to play as hard as you can, and no matter what you have to go harder. You can never give up no matter what the score is,” Coach Billera stated.

– by Franco Rojas ’16