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What is your daily morning routine? “I get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed (in the outfit I picked out in advance; the night before), get dressed eat breakfast, pack… Continue reading

Columbia U. Writing Class Benefits Young Writers

The echoes of ecstatic students fill the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts library as Bailey Carlisle, a 17-year-old art student from Dumbo, quietly observes from the back of the crowded room. She… Continue reading

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  How do you find balancing your academics and studio? Do you find it difficult?  “It’s not that it’s difficult because honestly the phrase ‘time management’ becomes a reality. Do I have time… Continue reading

Yearbook Design is Their Craft: Behind the Scenes

As high school students the only place that can really capture all the great moments from school is a yearbook. The feeling one gets pinching the corner of each page carefully to help… Continue reading

What it’s Like to be an Art Major

On a sunny afternoon at around 1:oo p.m., 17-year-old artist Ashley Bartels walked around the atrium of the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, viewing and speculating on the pieces of art displayed.… Continue reading

Men’s Vocal Ensemble: We Can Too

Walking through the silent halls of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts the sound of an unfamiliar deep melody echoes through to those who listen. In room 405 magic is being created by the voices… Continue reading

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1. What is your lifelong goal? “My goal in life is to pursue what I’ve always wanted to do and achieve my personal legend. Also achieving things that make me happy in life.… Continue reading

Red Cross Experiences Record Enrollment

The Red Cross Club, founded by Juliana Durant, an FSSA senior drama major, has been a great success at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. Durant adopted the club after administration asked her… Continue reading

Click Here for The Names that Hurt Trailer

Getting Ready for the Names that Hurt

Every year since 2002, the sophomore drama class puts on a performance that calls attention to the bullying and peer victimization we encounter every day. The Names That Hurt is a piece that every… Continue reading