Faculty vs Students Take to the Hoops for a Cause

team2 On May 26th at 3:30pm students and faculty made school history. For only five dollars students got to see some of their favorite teachers go up against a few of the members of the boys (and girls) FSSA basketball team, while supporting a good cause. Sophomore Red Cross Club member Juliana Durrant, is the creator of this event and hopes to raise money  through the American Red Cross for the measles and rubella initiative.

“I decided to aim these fundraisers to raise money for this cause because I feel like it’s one that doesn’t get much publicity or attention which means it has a higher chance of getting less funding,” said Juliana. “So, after doing a bit of research and truly seeing what it’s effects are and how many people and children it’s plaguing I felt it was imperative we help the American Red Cross. We are also all very fortunate, so my club members and I felt it was imperative to give back.”


Mr. Gurba showing off his skills

Mr. Gurba showing off his skills

The American Red Cross club created posters that are all around the school, and have worked hard to put together a fun evening for the entire Sinatra community. The club has a goal that they want to reach, and with our help they could maybe go far and beyond it.

“Our goal is to make at least $100 at this game to put on top of all the money the club has accumulated for this fundraiser, ” says Juliana. “Some of the other fundraisers we had this year was the measles and rubella initiative week where we sold pins and the last few bake sales.”

– by Juliana Bentancur ’15