Getting Ready for Prom


Prom at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) is just around the corner, and the chaos has come to the surface. Prom is supposed to be a lot of fun and the one day you feel absolutely beautiful, but for it to get to that point, there is a lot of work to be done. With Student Government running around for ideas, girls stressing over which dress is prettier and everyone worrying over the price tag, it can be extremely stressful. The biggest concerns people have range from the prices of everything to the Facebook prom page that was created only a couple of months prior.

“My biggest concern is probably finding a dress because that’s the big thing about prom,” says Kristen Nieto, a senior film major at FSSA. Apparently it’s a big deal that we don’t have a similar dress to someone else? I want to look good, but I also want to look different. I guess it all comes down to finding THE dress. Having a fun time too, that’s pretty important.”

Finding a dress may be a big problem for some, but the cost for the event is a big concern on some other students’ minds.

“I think the price tag on a lot of things is a big concern. Besides the price with actually going to prom, you need to pay for your date if he doesn’t go to your school, you have to check to see if your dress isn’t too expensive, and also the accessories are another cost. It’s a very pricey event,” says Ezgi Cakirca, a senior instrumental major at FSSA.

Senior Jaeda Blair held a different opinion on her biggest concern on the topic of prom.

“I am stressed about finding a website that isn’t fake to buy a dress. I found one website that said all of the dresses were 80 percent off. That’s obviously crazy, and not a real website. I keep seeing dresses from websites put on websites that get dresses from all other websites; it’s pretty stressful, especially with this whole Facebook page,” says Jaeda.

Jane Lee, an art major at FSSA who created the FB Page, is scared for someone to show up in the same dress, the price of the event, and the idea of someone stepping on her dress and ripping it. She wants everyone to have their moment, while all being entirely unique.

The Facebook prom page has created a lot of additional stress for some girls at FSSA. The page which was intended to allow everyone to feel special and unique with their dress choices has put on a lot of pressure for girls who haven’t found a dress yet.

A dance major at FSSA who wishes to be anonymous said, “I think this whole posting up picture thing is kind of immature. How would you like it if you got a dress and someone was like no, I posted the picture of my dress before you, so you can’t get it? Prom is supposed to be fun, not who-can-get the dress first contest.”

Many others feel the same way and feel that this should be a fun occasion in getting ready for the prom. And who wears what or who can post to the page first shouldn’t matter.

Another student at Sinatra who wishes to remain anonymous agrees.

“I feel like this prom page has only caused a lot of stress and I actually did get a dress way beforehand, but then another person posted it before I got to, and now it’s become a very uncomfortable situation. I think we should wear what we want to wear because we are all different and unique and will wear it different. If I come up in the same dress as someone else, I am not going to care. Let us have fun and stop caring about what others are going to wear, it’s not a beauty fashion show, it’s where we are all going to dance and get sweaty halfway through it anyway.”

The other major dilemma is the cost. The cost of prom which is $125 has made people run with fright. Aside from college payments, senior dues, and the senior trip, there is also hair, makeup, dress cost, etc. It’s very stressful for many to get ready for the prom.

“Our senior class couldn’t care less about wearing the same dress. We weren’t very picky, we came just to have a good time, but on things like cost and such, I felt the same way. When prom did come, I had a blast with all of my friends and it was a great shout out to the end of a great year. Some people came in the same dress, but no one had a cat fight over it,” said Angela Vartanian, a senior of the class of 2014.

Prom is a time for everyone to let go of their stress and feel beautiful. Every senior in the class of ’15 is excited to see  the outcome of our prom. It’s the fun part of senior year, not a stressful competition.

– by Jamie Lazan ’15