FSSA Volleyball Goes Far

The Lady Legends Make it to the playoffs

The Lady Legends Make it to the playoffs

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) has gone its farthest in volleyball history, making it all the way to the third round of the play-offs. Every year the Lady Legends volleyball team, lead by one of the three gym teachers, Mr. Pullano, seems to go further and further into the play-offs.

Some team members, including Juliana Bentancur and Angie Amador, both senior vocal majors at FSSA, have been on the team since their freshman year. The FSSA Lady Legends volleyball team is represented by all different grades from freshman to senior and some team members even play on other FSSA sports teams.

To qualify for the play-offs, teams have to have a 500 record, meaning your wins have to equal your losses, or your wins have to be higher than your losses. Games played before play-offs are decided by division, the regional area your school is in, so before play-offs the Lady Legends only played within the Northern Queens division. Once entering play-offs you play with all different divisions ranging from all the boroughs. The first loss in the play-offs gets you eliminated, so making it to the third round means that these ladies won their first two games of the play-offs.

Some teammates believe that reason for the team’s accomplishments is more than just practice, they also believe it’s because of how close the team is to each other.

“The team has always been closer than just going to practices and playing games, we’re a family and once the seniors graduate, the team will be missed,” says Juliana Bentancur ’15.

For these women making it this far is a major accomplishment. Being a school that is not widely known for sports, it’s good that FSSA can show its strength in areas other than the arts.

Mr. Pullano, after every season, always wishes the team a nice farewell, but he wanted to mention something to the team.

“Thanks for the years of hard work and for committing to the team over the past four years. All of you have committed to get better and through your hard work, I have wanted to become a better coach to help you guys improve,” says Mr. Pullano.

Hopefully next year, though the seniors will be gone, the Lady Legends will continue to truly be volleyball Legends.

by Briana Wittlinger ’15