SUS: Student Profile


Word around school is that you are a drama major. What kinds of techniques have you

learned in your four years of acting?

“A lot of the techniques we’ve been learning in the past three years have been for the purpose of

acting on stage. The basics of this includes standing in neutral, good posture, breath support, script

analyzation, character personalization, paraphrase, scansion, and other techniques for dealing with

classic language, and even the phonetic alphabet for dealing with sound changes and different

accents. Just this year, however, we’ve been learning a separate technique specifically for acting in

film and on television, which is very different from the methods we’ve been using for stage



What about acting fascinates you the most?

“I guess being able to step out of your own reality for a few minutes, even a few hours, and

become a completely different character. I just really love being able to leave all of my problems

and concerns to the side and take on a different set of problems and concerns, then spend an entire

play trying to get what I want. It’s an amazing way to bring reality to something that is not while

escaping from your own.”


Do you have any hobbies outside of acting?

“Yes. I dance about 3­-4 days a week outside of school, and I’ve been dabbling in playwriting

outside of school since sophomore year.”


Wow, you’ve got a lot going for you! How, as a senior, do you manage to balance all of those

avocations and your school work as each week goes by?

“It’s really all about prioritizing, staying focused and on top of your work, and a lot less sleep.”

– Tasiya Roseborough, senior drama major

Interviewed by Jaeda Blair ’15