Power of the People

Senior Drama student Romello Rodriguez is the new Student Government president.

Senior Drama student Romello Rodriguez is the new Student Government president.

For years the Student Government (SG) at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) has worked to satisfy the attending students’ necessities for the school year. They do everything in their power to get what students asked for to help benefit their high school experience. This year is no different, but FSSA now has a whole new staff on the student government that plans to be solely for the people.

This year’s student government consists of President Romello Rodriguez, Vice President Sabrina Dionisi, Secretary Jenzia Burgos, Treasurer Trina McGhee, Junior Representative Alfonso Bonds and Sophomore Representative Sophia Kazee. Romello’s job as student body president is to represent the students by overseeing the school events and activities, recognizing the problems pertaining to the students. One of the most important goals for the Student Government is increasing the connection between the faculty and student body. SG is determined to build a true community in Frank Sinatra.

Romello and Vice President Sabrina Dionisi have already created a mentorship program this year that gives seniors a chance to communicate with freshman they probably would have never known if not for this program. It also helps them become more comfortable and quickly adjusted to our high strung school. This year’s focus is going to be on building a relationship between the SG representatives and the student body, so that they can work more efficiently for the students, making this school year more enjoyable for everyone.

“My biggest plan is to increase communication with the student body,” says Romello. “What the student wants, we are going to fight for.”

Romello and his team are interested in what the students have to say. They plan to interact with the student body so that they can represent them to the best of their ability. The SG has the students’ best interests at heart, and plan to fully embody a staff that cares about what the people desire.

No one said that the jobs of the representatives would be easy, however. To succeed in all of their goals, the student government and student body have to work very hard to make a difference in this school, and the SG has a lot of responsibilities they need to keep on top of as leaders. There are more than 800 students in our school, and that means a lot of needs to fulfill. SG is in charge of making sure that everyone in the school is being treated fairly and that each of their needs are met.

It is going to take a lot to help the school and everyone in it grow as a community. This year’s student government is like no other. It contains only drama majors, so while they actively strive to make this school year great, they can teach you Shakespeare along the way. With student support, the jobs of student government representatives will be done all the more efficiently.

– by Jaeda Blair ’15