100 Percent Possible


The struggle with graduating on time is a fear for every senior. Seniors  around the country are diagnosed with “senioritis” and are unable to put their full 100 percent effort into their studies causing them to become in jeopardy of not graduating, however it might not hit the seniors at FSSA. The senior class of 2014 are the first in the school’s history to have the chance at a 100 percent graduation rate.

“The students have truly bonded and are very supportive of each other as well as extremely conscientious about academic and studio classes,” says Ms. Finn, principal of FSSA, when describing the senior class of 2014.

What does it mean for a school to have a 100 percent graduation rate? It means the world. Since the graduation rate is a big part of measuring a school’s efficiency, FSSA’s reputation would change from the fairly great school into an even more prestigious and honorable school.

“Although we’ve always been able to say we have one of the top graduation rates in New York City, we never had 100 percent graduation rate. It can’t get any higher than that,” says Ms. Finn.

The probability of having a 100 percent graduation rate was a shock for everyone at FSSA. Monitoring the credit accumulation and regents passing rate at guidance, assistant principal, Mrs. Pridgen informs Mrs. Finn about every senior passing all of the regents required to graduate and all are on target to graduate.

“It was pretty surprising, a very pleasant surprise,” Mrs. Pridgen adds.

How would the 100 percent graduation rate change the reputation of FSSA? Our school would look even more appealing. Since there is a misconception about the academics at FSSA, this graduation rate would certainly remove any doubt of academic achievement.

“The senior class of 2014 are very well-behaved, they are focused, they work well in their studios and academics and I think they are model students. Their 100 percent graduation rate says it all,” adds Ms. Finn.

by Neophytos Ioannou ’14