Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready


With the second month of the year coming to end, and the workload already accumulating in the new semester, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts is holding it’s first dance of the year as a way to for kids to let loose, relax and have some fun.

The school’s Winter Dance was planned and organized by Frank Sinatra School of the Arts student government. This dance was originally scheduled to take place earlier in the year, but was  canceled and rescheduled due to different factors like sporting events and the huge amount of snow and bitter cold.

Ms. Hoffman, one of the chaperones who has attended all of the dances held at Frank Sinatra shares what the dances were like in the past and some things to expect. Ms. Hoffman says the dances held here also include the DJ who plays music that is popular among students now and the music we loved back then, he takes requests as well.

Ever since the dance was first announced, buzz about the dance went around the school amongst the students trying to decide if they wanted to go or not. Ms. Hoffman says around the time of the dance, students always ask each other the same questions like “hey are you going?” or say ” If you go then I will probably go.”

“ It always ends up being a pattern, it’s never the same amount of students that attend the school dances. Maybe one year about 250 people will show and the next year about 200 will show, but it’s still good it’s always a good handful of students,” says Ms. Hoffman.,

The chaperones play a huge role in making the school dance a success. They are very helpful by making sure everything is in place for the dance and for this year making and put up decorations to make a gym turn into a winter themed dancefloor. In past years, the dance has sometimes tried to make more money by selling refreshments, but has always found that students were more interested in dancing and having fun more than anything.

“When we tried selling refreshments at one of the dances, no one was buying them, everyone just wanted to dance and stopped to get water at the water fountain when they needed to,” adds Ms. Hoffman.

Ms. Hoffman also wanted to thank Mr. Love who has always been very dependable for helping chaparrone and always volunteers to do so. If you want to have some fun and you don’t have much to do after school, go to the Winter Dance which is going to be held in the gym on February, 28th from 5pm-7pm.

by Samantha Clay ’14