Love is in the Air?

Un cuore nel cioccolato

Interviews by Juliana Durrant ’16

Name: Jacqueline Millery

Grade: Sophomore

Studio: Drama

Have you ever been in love?


What’s your ideal/perfect date?

“Um, take me out to eat, buy me stuff, yeah that’s it…”

Do you prefer flowers or candy?

“Candy, no wait both actually, both is awesome.”

What would you be doing if you were single on Valentine’s Day?

“Eating chocolate by myself, on my couch, with ice cream!”


Name: Alanna Underwood

Grade: Junior

Studio: Vocal

Do you believe in love at first sight?


In your opinion do you think marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day are cheesy or romantic?

“Cheesy because, you shouldn’t have to show your affections for someone on this one day.”

Name: Davin Perez

Grade: Sophomore

Do you feel that society pressures both men and women to be in relationships on Valentine’s Day or they’ll be considered sad, lonely, ugly, or pathetic by others?

“Yes, I totally agree! All you have to do is turn on the TV. And see the Valentine’s Day propaganda thrown at you about being ‘in a relationship.’ All you have to do is walk in a store or even Queens Center mall and see all the ads about LOOK IT’S HEART SHAPED THIS or OH WE CAN DATE THAT. So you’re going to make me feel bad about having no valentine…Whatever!

Name: Alora Sade

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Drama

Do you think Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday or is it a romantic time where people get to express their love for one another?

“I think it all depends on the person! I wouldn’t say it’s a stupid holiday people do with it what they feel even if you are or are not in a couple! People celebrate.”

Do you have any big plans for the holiday?

“Eating Chocolate and watching movies.”

Have you ever had your heart broken on Valentine’s Day?