Meet M.A.S. For Your Music


On Event Bell Mondays, Room 433 is embroiled in the discussion of music, and no, it’s not a class. The Music Appreciation Society (M.A.S.) is a new school club created by Mr. Scheiner where he and the attendees talk about various genres and styles of music.

The club meets 9th period, and there are some interesting ways it’s structured. The club focuses some meetings on particular topics, such as the origins of punk, female jazz singers, and guitar heroes you’ve never heard of. Also, Spotify playlists are sent out at the end of the day so students can listen to the discussed music at home. Attendees are also encouraged to introduce their own music to the group.

Mr. Scheiner has an extensive background in music. He’s written for some music-oriented magazines and used to play trumpet, but his inspiration for starting the Music Appreciation Society was his high school English teacher. They often discussed and traded music, and Mr. Scheiner wanted to give that same experience to his own students and educate them about the wide variety of music that’s available. While he notes that he dislikes when people proclaim that they love all types of music, he truly does listens to all kinds of music, from afrobeat to rockabilly, ’90s hip-hop to reggae, and more.

While it may be an issue for people with 9th period classes to attend, the Music Appreciation Society had a good turnout at its first meeting, and everyone is welcome.

“All I ask is that students come with an open mind to experience music,” says Mr. Scheiner.