So Many Choices, so Little Time


The leaves are finally changing colors, the weather is becoming colder, and the sun is setting sooner.  Autumn is officially here, and students have already begun taking the steps needed to plan for their future.  For many students, attending college isn’t even a question.  They already have their lengthy list of universities and conservatories written down in order of priority, along with SAT/ACT scores ready to send to admissions officers.  Still, several questions about the college admissions process continue to linger in most students’ minds.

On Wednesday, October 9th, Frank Sinatra School of The Arts hosted its annual college fair, with more than 20 university admission representatives, who provided helpful information about applying to their school.  The cafeteria was filled to capacity, and the tight space made it hard to maneuver.  Anxious students and parents navigated the foreign space, and took in the reality of it all.  Wells College, a small private liberal arts school located in Aurora, New York gives students a small class size environment filled with endless opportunities.  Wells students are able to register for additional courses offered at any of the seven undergraduate colleges at Cornell University.

“Before you graduate, you will have had dinner at your advisior’s house or have dogsat for your English Professor,”  said Annie Ryerson, Assistant Director of Admissions.

Meanwhile, toward the back of the cafeteria were several more colleges stationed in a less crowded area.  Marist College, a private liberal arts school in Poughkeepsie, New York offers its students more than 60 bachelor and masters degree programs, and a chance to study abroad in Florence Italy.  Recognized for it’s stunning campus and hands- on learning, Marist is a school to consider.

“The college fair helped me to finalize my list of schools and prepare for the next steps in this nerve-wracking process,”  explains senior dance major Khadijah Pereira. Additionally, senior vocal major Kamil James shared that he thought the college fair was useful in giving students a better idea of what each school offered.

Indeed, Frank Sinatra’s annual college fair was a success.  It allowed students to get a better idea of the schools they would like to apply to, and put this ever so changing admissions process into perspective.

by Sezlyn Petersen ’14