On a Whole New Level

IMG_9909Transitioning to a new high school isn’t easy for students, so imagine what it must be like for a school safety agent. Change doesn’t always make it easy to adapt to a new situation.

After working at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, in Bayside Queens, Ms. Stokes was excited for the new shift to FSSA.

“Cardozo was very hectic, there were often racial fights between the blacks and hispanics, or two other ethnic groups,” she said. “In comparison to Cardozo, this school is a country club,” Stokes said with a chuckle.

Although, Ms. Stokes has been working with students for only a number of weeks, she has been working inside the school since July. She didn’t always want to be a school safety agent. Initially, after graduating high school, she realized that she wanted to be an electrical engineer. Her nickname was ‘Ms. Fix It’ back then, because she excelled in math and science.

Ms. Stokes was assigned to work in Sinatra after all Level III’s were moved and switched around to different schools.During the beginning of her career, Ms. Stokes started out as a Level I, but through hard work and determination, she gradually worked her way up to a mobile Level II officer. Today she is a first line supervisor, otherwise known as a Level III.

Ms. Stokes describes herself as a straight-forward, kind, generous and humble woman. Her energy and personality is a breath of fresh air. Next time you are in the atrium, you should strike up a conversation with her, you might learn something new.

by Sezlyn Petersen ’14

Photo: Alex Gross  ’14